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Buggy Safari

Buggy Safari started in June 2006 in a village in the interior of the Algarve, with the objective of showing our visitors the deep Algarve, in a comfortable and safe way. We use a small 4×4 all-terrain vehicle that we call a buggy. At the wheel of a buggy, participants follow our guide who will take them away from the tourist “confusion”.

Buggy Safari Lda. is a family company and was the first to develop this tourist activity in Europe. Currently it only works on an exclusive and high quality basis, accepting only small groups or families. Our buggys, all recently renovated, are top of the line, the high displacement and performance is to ensure comfort and safety, and will never be a mechanical sport activity.

The concept of the tour is visit and discovery. We go through dirt and stone paths, passing through villages, some already completely in ruins, others well preserved, where we get to know the local cuisine and culture/artisanship.


Our Tours

Our region has an incalculable wealth of culture, history and Mediterranean cuisine. We still have several monuments from prehistoric times, traces of the Moorish era still very present, and also several Roman constructions.
All this treasure allows for a wide variety of visits and tours with nearly no limits. We organize short tours lasting 2:30 hours, full-day tours with lunch included in a typical restaurant, tours lasting at least 2 days or up to 10 days all inclusive (hotel, gas, restaurant).
For trips of 2 or more days, we travel through the Algarve and the Alentejo or we can even cross Portugal from one end to the other. Each night a different hotel is selected, and this package also includes: lunch; dinner; photos; insurance; safety goggles; GPS; gas.

Our Buggys

We mainly use the 2-seat Buggys ZForce 1000 Sports.
These are vehicles with a sporty character and an aggressive look. This buggy has:

– A combustion engine and a displacement of 1000cc;
– 4×4 traction possible;
– All-terrain tires;
– Power assisted and height adjustable steering;
– Group GPS with real-time tracking of other group members;
– Comfortable seats and adjustable in depth;
– Seat belts with pre-tensioners;
– 2 fire extinguishers;
– Vehicle equipped with full and half windshield doors;
– USB charger;
– Glove compartment;
– Bottle holder;
– luggage compartment with key lock that allows storage of bags or suitcases;
– Digital display with all the simplified information of the vehicle.

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Meet Our Team

helder coelho
Helder Coelho
Sandra Pereira
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Bernardo Coelho

What People
Say About Us

Super cool experience! Thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon tour. Enjoyed driving from 10 am to 5 pm, with stops and good food. Unforgettable experience ☀️. Can't wait for the beautiful photos that have been taken and will be sent to us. Thanks again!


Had a lot of fun driving the new buggies through the mountains. We enjoyed the day trip driving 3 buggys down the coasts and in the mountains. Would (definitely) recommend!

Sonja vd Pijl

An extra day with the family... a great compromise between hiking and sports activities in a very friendly small group, far from mass tourism. Very nice views. A top team with a super friendly guide who tells you the story of what lies ahead. New carts, super comfortable and very easy to drive! Discovery of a well-hidden place where everything is homemade and where the taste buds are refreshed. A dust bath... very good for the skin🤣😉!!! Finally, we leave with very good memories, and advice for a future getaway to Portugal 🇵🇹!!
We highly recommend!!! Very good service, you won't regret it!

Marie Balavoine

After a first experience 3 years ago, we decided to take the tour for a day, we do not regret having, we had an unforgettable day, à la carte tours, they are not the tours where we meet 15 machines where we let you loose in the middle of the nature, the guide takes the opportunity to explain the history and way of life of the region the day goes by without you noticing. I recommend the 1 day trekking, of course we may find it a little expensive but frankly it is worth the price the impeccable restaurant that works with fresh local and seasonal products 👍 anyway go there the safari buggy team will welcome you with a smile and friendliness. We will be back during an upcoming stay for another experience, why not a 5 day tour.
Thanks to the whole team, keep it up.

Clarisse and Eric

Guide and photo guide at the top, attentive, adaptable, a magnificent ride with surprising curves, high quality buggies you can see the difference. Fortunately, we chose this selection, it was worth it, total comfort, face protection at the beginning. Powerful buggys, the guide allows you to have fun if you stay with goodwill and respect for people and equipment. Go ahead!

Adeline Rombauts

Wonderful tour! Clean, comfortable and reliable buggies. Even if you are a beginner these buggies feel secure and safe. The guide is kind and has a lot of knowledge about the area and the route. Because of the dust you are covered in afterwards he even has special plastic sheets so your car stays clean on the route back home after the tour.

Tijn Peters

If you are looking for real attention and a privileged side, you are in the right place. A 3 hour ride in a new buggy where we were lucky enough to be alone with the guides who were father and son. They were careful to help us discover the heights of the Algarve, taking into account the wishes of their customers. Thank you once again for your welcome, for your attention and for the precise information you have given us about your beautiful region.

Julien Ruccione

Great experience, high quality tour, I highly recommend it, a change from the usual Buggy tours with 10 people... Thank you!

Vincent Lé Fahrni

Amazing tour another way to visit algarve.

Thierry Metzeler

Very pleasant walk with top guides, I highly recommend it, I saw beautiful places in the region, the meal in a great place with tasting of homemade products to remake.


Very good, very good ride. The magnificent sunset. Absolutely worth it. Thank you again.

Jérome Del

Very pleasant experience, we discovered beautiful landscapes. The (sunset) loop mixes an inland route and a sunset on a hill.
Friendly and professional guide accompanied by his young buggy companion, equally friendly!
A magnificent moment, preferably shared by two.

Gloire Pambou

Incredible! An afternoon well spent with lots of fun!
Super friendly and attentive staff. They made us very comfortable and showed us the other side of the Algarve region!

Miguel Sá

Excellent afternoon, I recommend it to anyone who likes adventure.
Guide at the top and very kind.

Silio Riedinger

Excellent time to spend with a magnificent course and a guide at the top 👌! Experience to repeat.

Majid M

High quality service!

Paulo Alves

Very good experience, beautiful landscape, top team. I recommend

Mohamed Alaqui

Had an amazing time. The team were amazing. Would highly recommend this trip.

Amanda Brammer

A must do experience!

Peter Mccutcheon

Excellent experience, top guide, highly recommended 👌🏼

Othman Rharbaoui