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01 Mar

Top Rural Places in the Algarve

The Algarve, located in the southern region of Portugal, is known for its stunning coastline, beautiful beaches, and charming villages. However, the region also offers a number of rural areas that offer a different experience from the more touristy coastal towns. These rural areas offer a chance to experience...

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02 Feb

Buggy Algarve, a Love Story

Buggy Algarve, a Love Story The Algarve is a region of Portugal that is known for its beautiful landscapes and mild climate. One of the best ways to explore this region is on a buggy tour. With the Buggy Safari experience an exciting adventure that allows you to enjoy a unique view of the landscape […]

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11 Jan

5 hidden places to visit in the interior of the Algarve

5 hidden places to visit in the interior of the Algarve The Algarve is one of the main tourist destinations of Portugal and even of Europe by excellence, due to its privileged location, mild climate and many hours of sunshine that are felt all year round, as well as for its gastronomy and its natural […]